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We can make each other laugh and smile when we need our spirits lifted. He’s the one who stole my heart. The day he said I Love You, I knew it was real and the feeling was mutual. I miss being in your arms already. You are the most supportive and lovable guy I have ever met. It makes me feel special when people tell me you’re a keeper. I’m glad I got to see you today even if it was like this. I’ll see you when I get back! Can’t wait! I love you! 😊❤ #myman #iloveyouwithallmyheart Yeah I know he’s a Raiders fan. But it’s okay since Chargers are better. 😉💙💛




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Fuck, I love getting cross faded. ._.

Damn right! :/

Chico …

So far so good. Love my school! <3

Exactly how I move my cheeks!!! :D 


Lmao! love this.

Pikachu! <3


wait i love this so much/.

I want Ezra! D:

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All day, every day!

Yessssss! But I have to be skinny in order to fit in these girls clothes. Fuck it I’ll stretch it out. ;)

Fuck it even though I am almost 600 miles away, I still want you here!! :/

Yay!!! Class got cancelled!!! Now just relaxing by the creek. (: #chicostate

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