"Be Unique & Independent."

There you have it. My side of the dorm. #ChicoState (at Craig Student Living)


Can Paige be trusted? REBLOG if you think she’s up to something shady, LIKE if you believe that she’s on Emily’s side!

Well it’s hung up already. Had the honor to. <3 #AVID2013 (at Lakeside High School)

Well it’s hung up already. Had the honor to. <3 #AVID2013 (at Lakeside High School)

Ugh. My heart feels heavy. My friends that stood by me my whole senior year. I can’t believe I’m leaving this behind. I love them with all of my heart and will never forget them even if they forget me. <3 #throwback

Love my new phone. Except for the emoji part. But overall, love it! #S2

Time goes by fast. 😞 Well there’s still appointments available to hangout. ☺

Lakeland Village view of the fire. πŸ”₯ Hope those firefighters are okay. And poor animals and their homes. 😒 #lakeelsinore

With my brothers! ❀ The middle is my bro with longer, beautiful hair than me. This literally took me 30 minutes. I tried my best. #dontjudgeme

No wonder my sleep schedule is fucked up. Stop it you guys. πŸ˜’

I’m sorry. I thought this was funny. I’m a sucker for something cheesy like this. πŸ˜‚ #MineMineMine

Anonymous said: Hi! Tell me about you!!

Well that depends. Like what? (:

brilliance-is-madness said: Hey are you from Lake Elsinore? Sorry I saw your post on the chico state tag that said Elsinor to Chico? Cause if you are that's really rad Im from Murrieta going to chico

Yeah I’m from Elsinore! It’s so cool that locals are going up there to Chico! :D